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barretomendez Brief Form provides our people with the information needed to create a logo, website, or social media management for you. It commonly outlines information about the business, the desired style, and the project timing.

logo brief form
While this one seems obvious, it’s often overlooked. Make sure you specify exactly how it should be presented: what case do you want the letters in? Are there spaces between words? Does it matter if everything appears on one line or multiple lines?
Not to include it into de logo but to add it to the general concept of your company.
Different brand values also translate to different design styles. When explaining your brand values it might help to think of different value spectrums, such as modern vs vintage, fun vs sophisticated or young vs mature. Designers can render these values visually with design elements. Notice the stark difference between a fun logo and a sophisticated logo:
Wordmark? Emblem? Abstract mark? Specifying your desired logo format will save you and our designer(s) a lot of time during the design process. If you’re not totally sure on the format, feel free to suggest a couple formats that you think might work. Your designer(s) might be able to show you a couple different options.

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